Real Roots Food Systems is a multi-faceted company based around increasing the viability of urban farming and it’s ability to feed communities.  RRFS provides consultation, installation, and maintenance services for food growing systems at your home or business, as well as workshops and presentations about all different aspects of sustainable urban agriculture.

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Chat About Vision/Expectations
Draft A Design
Address Problem Areas
Assess Sunlight Exposure
Determine Air Circulation
Determine Water Access
Talk About Budget
Provide A Rough Estimate
Get Started
Full Soil Test/Analysis
Soil Amending/Preparation
Building Of Planters/Raised Beds
Irrigation Setup
Planting Seeds/Transplants
Protecting Seeds/Transplants
Building Compost Bin/Area
Get Started
/hour or /visit
Can Be Recurring Or Appointment Based
Fixing Irrigation Systems
IPM/Pest Control
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